A day of Yoga Retreat

Yoga Retreat

A day to take a temporary break from daily routine. With the guidance of Abhishek Guru of yoga sadhana, we organized a day of intensive camp of yoga retreat for teaching yoga asanas. Our yogis learned the art of getting away from distractions as they immerse themselves in asanas, meditation, and pranayama practice. There were lessons by Sadhguru by our ISHA certified Abhishek guru. The retreat also focused on healthy satwick food with no alcohol in a clean and pure environment. This retreat was attended by 20 guests who got the opportunity to reconnect to themselves, deepen their yoga practice, connect with like-minded people and nourish, restore and reset the body, soul, and mind. What was different in our yoga retreat was a lot of sharing, a lot of bonding, a lot of interesting and stimulating conversation, a lot of spiritual learning and of course, a healthy amount of yoga! One effect our yogis felt at the physical, mental and emotional levels was the purification process.

Yoga retreat brings in the rejuvenation we need. Some people go for expensive getaways and resorts, which is usually a whole lot of laziness and eating. When they go back to daily routine, they may feel lethargic for not treating their body properly. When people attend a yoga retreat, they are taking good care of themselves. They are immersing themselves in things that are only good for the mind, body, and soul.

Our guests also went for yoga walks. A bush walk with a twist. Each Yoga walk explores a certain aspect of Spirituality while exercising your limbs and heart. A yoga retreat is an ultimate option to strike the perfect coordination among your body, mind, and soul. For meditation newbies, retreats are a great way to learn a new technique, while seasoned practitioners can go deeper and strengthen their practices. This yoga walk is about being grateful for the bounty of life. The walk takes you through the rainforests of the Barrington. This Walk is all about discovering our inner Shanti, or ‘peace’. Many of us are plagued by restless or distressing thoughts, which is why it’s important to bring a sense of control and stability to our thoughts and emotions.

The benefits of a yoga retreat in itself are immense. When we dedicate ourselves to daily practice during a retreat, we begin to truly feel all the benefits that people have experienced for hundreds of years.

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