Wellness weekend at Australia’s biggest Healing Retreat

“Shutting off the alarm for the 5th time in the morning, I drag myself out of bed. The next couple of hours are chaotic with having to wake the kids, getting them ready and out of the house to school. My partner has her roles to play in the morning drill, and by the time, we catch the train to work, we are ready to bed. It’s a whole day spent in corporate warfare, time spent in negotiating, wrangling, maneuvering the treacherous landscape, moving forward while staying safe.

The few hours in the evening is hectic, getting kids to and from their various activities, ensuring they eat their meals and an hour of family time, I find myself snoozing in the middle of the TV show. The sun rises and the routine plays itself, I’m on autopilot mode. It got to a point where it dawned on me, that there was no time for me to compose myself, pamper myself, reset and connect with myself.

I came across the Wellness weekend at Nirvana Spiritual Retreat and was pleasantly surprised at what it had to offer. The program offered:

  • 2-day program aimed at couples (Sat and Sun). Limited to 4 couples/retreat.
  • 5 Healthy, clean, detox Vegetarian meals
  • 1 Whole-body massage with medicated oils
  • 1 Head massage with medicated oils
  • Self-guided Yoga Walk sessions
  • Stay in the luxurious Romantic Loft cabins.

Nirvana spiritual retreat is in the World heritage Barrington National Forest and is the largest privately-owned rain forest retreat in this part of the world. We loved the pristine fragrant air, the bubbling water from the creeks, waking up the sound of the birds and bush, made the location an ideal one for anyone to RESET. The tired aching body relished the food and the massages, creating a new sense of energy. You can also go for their Yoga Walk or relax in their exquisite cabins.

I could go on and on…In short, we loved everything about the program, it provided the nourishment for my Mind, Body, and Soul and I’m coming back to Reset myself again in one of the biggest Healing Retreat.”

–  Alex Jonas