This page contains questions we get asked most frequently. If your question is not on this page, please send it to us in an email. We will definitely answer it at the earliest!

Reaching Nirvana

Can I drive all the way to Nirvana?

Absolutely! Most roads to Nirvana from Taree, Newcastle, or Sydney are Federal or State highways except for the last 3kms which is either graded or rural bitumen road.

How far is Nirvana from Sydney
Nirvana is about 300kms from the start of F1 freeway from Pennant Hills Road on-ramp.
Which is the closest town to Nirvana?
Gloucester is the closest town to Nirvana. Its about 40km or a 40 mins drive from Nirvana to the roundabout in the centre of Gloucester.
Where are the closest shops?

Nirvana has a well-stocked on-site tuck shop for basic non-perishable food, drinks, toiletries etc.

Otherwise, the closest servo is at Barrington (30km, 30 mins), while Gloucester has an IGA, Woolies, cafes, restaurants, shops etc (40km, 40 mins)

Which is the nearest hospital to Nirvana?
Gloucester Soldier’s Memorial Hospital at 164-166 Church Street, Gloucester is the closest hospital to Nirvana. Click here for directions and details
Do I need a 4WD to reach Nirvana?
Absolutely not! Whilst a 4WD may be able to drive better on graded roads leading to Nirvana, most other sedans, wagons, SUVs etc are perfectly capable of reaching Nirvana without any hassle.

Yoga Walks

What can I do at Nirvana?

A lot actually! Just Be in pristine Gondwana rainforest, relax by the Dilgry river, take a serene bush walk, or do a Yoga Walk™.

What is rainforest Walk?

Yoga Walk combines the immense physical, mental, and emotional benefits of yoga and walking in a unique self-paced activity of determined effort, contemplation, and reflection.

Are there different Yoga Walks?

Yes! As of now we have 3 Yoga Walks – Scent of Smriti, Peace Walk, and Walk of Gratitude

How much do Yoga Walks cost?

Yoga Walks cost absolutely no money! But, for best results you must ‘invest’ yourself…

Can I do any Yoga Walk?
Absolutely! Definitely! We invite you to do as many Yoga Walks as many times as you can.
Are Yoga Walks guided?
Each Yoga Walk™ is sign-posted with suggested activities for you to complete at your own pace without being rushed…

Nirvana Passport

What is Nirvana Passport?

Nirvana Passport is where you record your thoughts, reflections, and contemplations during your Yoga Walks and other times at Nirvana.

How do I get my Passport?

We will gift you with your very own Nirvana Passport when you check-in to the retreat

How much does a Passport cost?

Absolutely Nothing! Your Nirvana Passport is our gift to you so you can make the most of your time at Nirvana and Just Be!

How many Passports can I get?

The short answer: As many as you need!

Can I keep my Passport?

Absolutely! Your Nirvana Passport is a treasure trove of your own inner-most thoughts and feelings. It would be a travesty if you had to hand it back!

What if I forget my Passport?

No worries at all! If we find your Passport after you’ve checked out, we will send it to you by Australia Post to your nominated address anywhere in Australia!