How to make this Christmas in Sydney a day to remember.

christmas in sydney

Christmas is coming and we want to spend our hard-earned holidays and weekends on a trip that will take us on an inner journey. I happened to spend my last Christmas in Sydney at Nirvana Spiritual Retreat, on the doorstep of the World Heritage-listed rainforest of Barrington Tops National Park. Their cabins are nestled in bushland where I experienced the beautiful hymns of lyrebirds, wallabies, and wombats. The nearby Dilgry river is considered one of the cleanest in mainland Australia. I related to their idea of “Just Be” and captured my own essence. I went for a yoga walk that allows me to take an inner journey while walking a bush trail. I took their “Walk of Gratitude”. This Yogawalk is about being grateful for the bounty of life. The walk took me through the rainforests of the Barrington. It was an enriching experience. Gratitude is an immensely powerful force that we can use to expand our happiness, create loving relationships, and even improve our health. There were signposted walks that were designed to encourage connection and reflection. This walk engaged my mind and body and increased mindfulness and inner peace. I pen down all my thoughts in “passport” which they provided me. The nirvana passport allowed me to capture my experiences which later became the workbook of my life when I returned to my real world. I captured the essence of nirvana in the festival of Christmas in Sydney. That time is coming again. The time to bring hope, transformation, and fulfillment into the advent of our lives because our life is a constant advent season. We are waiting to become, to discover, to complete and to fulfill. Christmas is all about giving, forgiving and sharing with each other. I shared my experience of staying in Nirvana and what I believe can benefit others too. This year too I am visiting Nirvana Spiritual Retreat to relive that magic and get inspired to not “Just do” but to “Just Be”.

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