Holiday Here This Year

Australian wildfire

In Continuation on our last blog where we plea to all Australians to support small businesses, Tourism Australia in response to Australian wildfire has launched a $20 million advertising campaign called “Holiday Here This Year”. This is done to stimulate tourism in fire devastated areas by encouraging Aussies to travel locally. People should commit to holidaying in these areas for this year. It can be driving up the coast, taking an interstate trip and spread the word everywhere that our country Australia is ready to welcome more travelers.

So how can we as tourists support our local community and help with Australian wildfire recovery? The best donation that we all can give to our community is booking a hotel in these fire devasted regions. Usually, these areas are all full at this time of the year and give a good profit through which they can survive the rest of the year. But these areas are all quiet right now, even those ones which are untouched by the Australian wildfire.

So we call all people to return to these areas, spend a great time there and give back to the local economy. Right now in Australia, more than 660,000 people or more than 5.2% of the total working population depends directly on tourism for their income and many more livelihood is affected indirectly.

This is the ideal time to visit these areas. If you are looking to cancel your holidays in an affected area, reschedule it for a later date rather than asking for a refund. The best way we can help people is to travel within Australia. There are many small businesses operating usually. They are the key to diverse Australian culture and we should rally together and explore Australia’s diverse destinations.

While many forests are closed due to fire you can still visit the beautiful Gloucester and Barrington Tops. With the river flowing again due to recent rains tourists can explore scenic views of the mountains.

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