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Australia Bushfire

Most of us watch the horror that engulfed a massive part of Australia. The australia bushfire season comes every year but none of us imagined this ruthless level that has destroyed communities and wildlife. The toll continued to rise and the devastation is unspeakable. Not only the people living there are impacted it has also destroyed small businesses and workforce. Today I would like to talk about myself. I work for a resort in Barrington Tops as a Digital Marketer. Everything was going great for me. I was able to generate the required output and my employer was quite satisfied with my performance until the australia bushfire season arrived. The australia bushfire took a heavy toll on small businesses like ours. People are left jobless. There was a severe water shortage with level 4 water restrictions in Gloucester. Small businesses operating in the area were left with no option but to shut down and move.

One day my employer came to me and said that he cannot afford me these few months as they are getting no bookings from the last few weeks. Even though I was living in Sydney I was left with no option but to quit. That day I realized there were people like me who are also impacted by the fire in those areas – be it transport guys, people working in warehouses, mates working in local stores and many others. We see social media posts of people praying for Australia. All their hearts go out to those impacted by the current fire crisis but time has come to give back to the community instead of just sitting down and praying for something good to happen. We are not asking for donations. There are many organizations doing the same but we all can indirectly contribute to the affected people living in the bush.

While our brave firefighters are on the front line controlling the fire, people living in cities should come forward and help the communities living in the bush. Instead of giving direct donations, buy products made locally. It can be food, dairy products or even clothes. Buy Australian made products and help small businesses impacted by these fires to bring them back on their feet. Take your family to outskirts, buy products from local stores, refill from the local gas station and stay in nearby resorts. These small steps will give a major boost to small businesses that are on the verge of collapsing. While the forecast for rain is expected to bring some relief from fire, the time has come for the people living in cities to give back to the community. Through this article, I want to put forward the message out on how people can help small businesses and support the local workforce. On behalf of all small businesses, we wish to ask for your support in this time of crisis.

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