A forest for rest

This is a blog about forest. This is also a blog about me. My life is full of ups and downs. It doesn’t matter who I am and where I come from. In my daily life, there are always moments when my heart is broken, burnt or hurt. I had to face a lot of failure and rejection in my job. I wake up early, go to college, finish up with my assignments and then rush to office for my part-time job. Some decisions go wrong and then I get a lot bashing from my employer. My brain is full of stress. Further my desires and distractions of social media- scrolling through Facebook feeds, checking stories on Instagram and chatting on Whatsapp doesn’t give the brain the required rest it deserves. The continuous chatter in my head often goes out of control.

I used to ignore these signs because I feel things are not going wrong. I used to drink alcohol just to relieve my stress. I saw my friends who were in the same cycle resorting to medicines and expensive treatment. One fine day I was checking my account and found that most of my earnings are going up in alcohol and I am spending most of my time on social media. That day I decided to find the root cause of my problems. But how do I pick myself up from this situation? One of my friend who is into a lot of trekking and going on long trips asked me to read about the Japanese concept of forest bathing. He asked me one simple question.

“What is the source of my health?” I reflected my mind and replied food! I mean that’s the obvious answer I can think of. But he just shrugged me off and said: “It’s the nature”.

“Reconnecting with nature is like resetting your brain”. He further said that friend you cannot escape the ups and downs of your life. But you can find calm in nature, the comfort and clarity in the company of woods.

That moment I realized that the path of healing lies inside me. I had to learn to carry the forest within me. My healing has to begin from this basic step. But what should I do? I asked my friend.

“Doing nothing but sitting still and taking in the sights, smells and sounds of nature”.

Amazing I can do that and guess what? This is forest bathing in its purest form.

I started searching for some retreat near NSW and then I came across Nirvana Spiritual Retreat. Nestled deep in the New South Wales wilderness, away from the hustle and bustle of it all, this peaceful escape of cottages is my oasis for healing and nourishment. I relate to their concept of Just Be! It guides what I can do and how I can do it. It works its magic in our relationships and inspired me everyday to not just ‘do’, but to ‘Just Be!’.  It is simple, profound, and tremendously effective.

Being in Nirvana has opened my eyes to something. Something I have never realized it before. For me, its been an amazing detox away from things and reconnecting with nature which I haven’t really had as much in Sydney. Being connected with nature results in some amazing changes inside my head which began to calm and soothe my nerves. My body picks up these signals to boost my immunity and healing abilities.

Coming back from Nirvana Spiritual Retreat, I witness quite a few changes in me. Instead of swiping through Facebook and Instagram I spend my time shooting things, watching sunsets, go around talking to random people. I Improved my sleep cycle and reduced my blood pressure.

Losing thought in the unknown mysteries of the forest, instead of social media feeds. Maybe it is the smell, the sounds, and the noises. There is something about Nirvana Spiritual Retreat that changed me.

Story of one of our guest – Daniel Williams

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