Whether your first yoga class is fast approaching or you are thinking about starting soon, you may feel a small amount of uncertainty or even a flutter of nerves.

What if I can’t do a pose? What if everyone starts chanting? How will I know the different between a Chakra and a Mantra?

If you find yourself pondering these ultimately useless hypotheticals and feeling a little nervous, don’t worry! First and foremost, it’s important to remember that even the most experienced yogi had to start from somewhere.

Yoga classes are a judgement-free zone, and you are likely to encounter other beginners in a similar situation as yourself. Don’t imagine a room full of experts with you in the middle: it’s a personal journey, and everyone is practising yoga at their own pace.

To start with, pat yourself on the back for taking on something new.

It’s normal to experience these feelings in unfamiliar circumstances, but remember that stepping outside your comfort zone is the only way to learn and grow as a person!

Yoga Clothing

You don’t have to be kitted out in the latest luxe-brand activewear to practice yoga. All you need are some light and breathable threads that you feel comfortable in – remember that you’ll warm up during the class, especially if the studio is heated. No need to buy a new pair of shoes, because you’ll be doing everything barefoot.

Yoga Class Gear

There are all sorts of yoga accessories out there from wheels and blocks to straps and balls. Ultimately, however, these are only used for specific poses and are not a requirement. All you’ll need to get started is a yoga mat, a mat towel and a water bottle. The first two are often available for hire if you aren’t ready to make a purchase, but it’s worth investing in them at some point as they will form your basic kit. From there, all you need is yourself!


Don’t worry, practising yoga doesn’t mean you need to focus on a full nutritional program just yet (unless you’re ready to!). However, it’s worth paying attention to what you eat and drink before your class. Keep it light with a snack and some water in the hour or two before your class: any less and you may feel faint or low on energy, any more and your stomach might protest.

Yoga Etiquette

There are some basic unspoken rules that are best adhered to when you visit the yoga studio – nothing serious or formal, just some ways to help improve the experience of yourself and those around you. Firstly, try to turn up at least 15 minutes early. You want to be nice and calm to ensure you are in the right headspace, and rushing in late will make it harder to make that mental transition. Plus, it may disturb others if you barge through the doors when the class has started. Secondly, remember to keep the space nice and peaceful by avoiding conversation and leaving your phone outside. These are just some basic manners that you’ll find easy to demonstrate from the get go.

Embrace First Yoga Class with an Open Mind

These are just some basic tips that will hopefully settle any nerves you may be having. On the whole, it’s important to approach your class with a curious and open mind. Don’t fret if you can’t do a pose, fall behind or miss the meaning of a word: it’s your personal journey and there is absolutely nothing you need to be worried about.